Thursday, October 12, 2006

American Idiot

No, I still have'nt gotten over the album.

It still manages to entertain me. Its still got the vibe. Although I like girls a lot more, they lack the quality to amuse me as long as this does. This album just does what other keep trying to do. My personal assumption is probably the other punk bands do try stuff like Green Day but the Record company messes up. And lets not get in to that discussion *rolls eyes*. This shows how much effort it took these guys to do an album completely self-controlled. Kudos to them, they deserve a standing ovation for this.

The primary reason I like this album is because it has so much of energy. It just peps up and just puts you there every single time. It makes you feel the same way everytime, but never bores you. Thats what music is about. Its about making you feel something which the artist intends. Thats exactly what American Idiot does. They're true dedicate artists. I have a lot of respect for people like this. Its not k\just ANY concept album. It adresses issues in the most perfect ways. They talk about the stupid media, american wars, Tales from a another broken home, politicians.

"I beg to dream and differ from your hollow lies" Subtle and literal at the same time.

The album is so bloody crazy with so much of innovation. Especially Tre Cool, he is the Modern day Keith Moon, man he just goes wild. I mean W-I-L-D. If you've heard their album n freaked out, then you just gotta watch Bullet in the bible in the Bible on a widescreen 5. surround. If that does hit you, I donno what will. not to forget Billy Joe Armstrong, who can forget the Live8 in Hyde park, London, where he yells out "This goes out to the f*****n politicians for creating unjustice in the world!!" before performing Holiday! Whoof! It just makes you wanna jump up with ur fist \m/

Its also worthy a mention how they've won the many many awards in this Hip-hop dominated world. Its surprising cause none of the rock guys even appear on camera during these awards in the guests. I dont see Steven Tyler there, I dont see SLASH there, I dont see any rocker. But I do get to see Billy Joe Armstrong with his Eye-liner! Thast worthy of a mention. And the awards clearly seem like Hip-Hop awards rather than any genral award. I mean THANK GOD for Grammy's having separate categories for Rock or else I guess Rock would be D-E-A-D!!!

Its sad to see rockers recieving a award, and rather than thanking people, they request MTV to play ROCK! Its good that Kurt did'nt live to see this day.

70's are identified with Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, our generation will be known by Green Day - American Idiot.