Monday, February 19, 2007



I was at the venue planning to enjoy the music from the outside since I din have enough cash to enter. But were still on the lookout for bootleggers who would be giving for a cheaper prize just when out of nowhere a random dude hurriedly gave my friend Rs.3000 pass, flashed a thumbs-up n entered!!
Ok so what better than getting one free pass................. Yea thats right, getting TWO free passes. And that what happend. After 45 mins. opf the conceert are over we're were still looking to exchange or cash the passes. Thats when this angelic uncle from the organizers appeared from nowhere sitting on a short wall smoking away to glory. We asked if he could buy our pass, he asked us why we were selling them, we replied that only either of us could go so we were planning on selling them. Thats when I asked the uncle if he could take our Rs. 3000 pass and give us two Rs. 2000 passes. He asked us to hang on, n a few mins. later he recieved some passes n he did the exchange. He ran like the wind cutting through people and entered the concert.
The concert was fabulous with whole flying pig n the screen imagery n george bush bashing. after the concert we managed to get free roger water posters n decided to head towards Taj Lands End, the residence of Roger Waters in Mumbai.

After an hour n a half of battling, hiding with the staff n security we managed to get the entire bands signature inlcude HIS HIGHNESS ROGER WATERS!!! IN PERSON!! Ok at this point I would like to announce that since his signed the poster he HAS touched it! Yes people DIE OUT OF JEALOUSY!!! N Im the very few in Mumbai who got his signature because rest of the guys were from Delhi.

How I got the tickets is here, along with conert details n pictures Concert Adventure

How I met ROGER WATERS is here Hotel Adventure

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