Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mr Brightside

Oh it almost feels like a century when I post again on Professio! Seems like I've returned after serving time in prison! I havn't go time for anything ever since college began, and a lot has happend like College festivals, freshers party, politics, Malhar, politics, Youthfest, politics, Umang, jealousy, politics, College band, politics and some other random things as well. I also made it to the finals of Mr. Umang & Guitar Wars! But I really miss those days of reading my feeds of Rolling Stones, Ultimate Guitar, Stereogum, etc. I don't even practice guitar at all! So a while back when I heard this jazz version of Mr. Brightside by Paul Anka I was in pure bliss, it reminded me of the days I was learning Jazz Improvisation by Jamey Aebersold......

Anyways heres a cover version of one of my most favourite songs, enjoy

Mr. Brigtside by Paul Anka