Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Ah I can get no sleep!

Thats the curse a creative person is born with. The price they pay.
Every night when I hit the bed in the hope of resting for another day ideas pour into my head. And oh so many. I'm just a night person, my brain is a lot more active. Concept, Ideas and other related things are he demons which won't let me sleep. They will make me excited and want to act on it right away. Usually schedules are messy the day after. But that is just the price I pay.

With growing hits, this time around it is the much anticipated Blog design overhaul. I've been getting lots of ideas are crowding my mind. It makes me as excited as a little kid with a brand new toy. It really does. So going to be a new layout, new additions, more music news, more music insider news, and WILL focus on good creative talent. I just have to get rid of this boring Standard Blogger template.

So the next time around I'll post, it'll be a brand new improved blog for a newer fan following.