Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wonders of the webcam!!!

I just dont have words this time.

Monday, October 16, 2006

War of the Gods!

Well yesterday, on the news channel I happen to read something in one of their permanent features: "Breaking News", that Sai Baba is incidently multiplying rotis(Indian Bread). As in you put one under the statue, and you get two in return!
Buy one and get one free for a limited perios only!! Hurry offer valid till stock lasts!! LOL

Well, well, well. I sure some people must have tried it at their places as well. Amidst all these miracles I have noticed that the GODS are at war!! Yes. I will chronicle these events to jog your memory.

Well it began with Lord Ganesh drinking milk to which thousands and thousands of people piled up to the their local Lord Ganesh temples to feed Lord Ganesh milk! Yes, it was amusing. Its events like these through which all of a sudden every kid knows where the closest Lord Ganesh is located which prior to these "miracles" had no idea of. Now who says temples and religious organisations DONT use marketing strategies eh? During all of this you just can't forget the tales people tell you how their plaster statues drank milk out of a bowl without making any apparent contact with it! Whow!

Move over David Blaine!

Now how can another GOD be left behind in this FAITH RACE! Therefore there was the "miracle" of Mahim Durgah, Mumbai, where the sea water(which incidentally is mixed with "sewage" water) began tasting sweet according to some highly intelligent beings. Again, Indians come flocking to this place believing their sins will be forgiven, their ailments shall be cured *yawn* blah blah blah. There was this one specimen, who was a very overwhelmed by this. And created laughter for me for about a week.

TV News Reporter : "Aap ne paani piya?"(Did u drink the water?)
Sea-Sewage Coctail drinker : "Haan maine piya, woh meetha paani hai!"(Yes I drank it, its sweet tasting) *Seems under the influence of LSD as smiles in a strange manner*

TV News Reporter : "Aap ko kaisa lag raha hai?"(How are you feeling?)
Sea-Sewage Coctail Hero : "Bahoot acha lag raha hai, pehle mera haath oothta nahi tha, abh dekhno nah kaisa hil raa hai!"(Very good, prior to this I cud'nt lift my hand, now look hw it moves!" *Flaps right arm manically in a fit*

This incident regards another faith in regards to the former, what about the GODS of same faiths but different castes who have been affected?? Well, they can't let their devotees down in the faith race can they?

Well thats when Sai Baba strikes! And well, starts doubling rotis......*sigh*. Well again people flock temples, speak to News channels, etc etc. Not to forget the many scholars they're able to successfully locate, gather and bring to their newsrooms(irrespective of their location) on such a short notice! I think thats the BIGGEST miracle of all the miracles this!

People are so hungry for miracles they will create them. They so badly want that ticket to heaven they'll do anything to get it. And yes, they will drink Sea-Sewage water coctail for that. Every person waiting in line wanting to be a part of these miracles has a list of wishes he/she wants fulfilled.

Temples, Churches, etc are no more places of GOD, they're a places where people place orders for all those things they can afford, achieve, overcome. And GOD is the entity which is ONLY associated with the emotion, FEAR. Unless fear isnt evoked in a person, he/she doesn't really recall GOD.

Well, one thing is certain in all this, You just cant fall short of entertainment in this country! All you gotta do is read the content of one of the permanent features in news channels: The Breaking News!!