Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rock isnt METAL.

Well I keep reading in the Indian youth magazines "Rock" section which has anything but rock. Its just full of metal! I mean like seriously, GET YOUR GENRES RIGHT! Although Rock and Metal go hand in hand, but there is a very fine line dividing the two. I mean yea Iron Maiden and Pink FLoyd play the same guitar models but they dont really make similar music!

For one Rock is more popular universally and rock songs are written about anything from partying to sex to drugs to even treating your friends to drink! *Have a drink on me* LOL :p Whereas metal only capitalizes on the emotions of anger, revenge, depression, loneliness, rage, death. Even if their lyrics dont mention any of this, their music does. Metal is a lot about playing notes really fast without any apparent melody to induce high level of energy (Think St. Anger). Rock does have melody in their solos (Think Sweet Child o Mine).

There is a difference between Bhayanak Maut and Indian Ocean. They cant be so loosely put under the same genre. I mean would you like it if the Best Rock Act in the Grammy's is won by Kelly Clarkson for "Since you've been gone" or Best Metal Act to go to Backstreet Boys for "I just want you to know" !!!!!!! That'd be the end of the world wud'nt it? LOL (I can soo imagine Slipknot and Korn fans demolishiong anything that begins with the letter "B" if anything like that happens hehehe).

Well people say Good and Bad is relative. You can never really say this or that is Bad music because One mans food is another man poison, Get what Im sayin? I beg to differ. There is this "BAD" music in reality. Bad music is the music which can harm you just like there is bad food. Anykind of music you listens to makes you feel in a certain way, and Bad music makes you feel bad things. Things which are unhealthy. Metal does exactly that. You cant possibly argue and say that feeling Anger, Revengeful or Breaking things is a healthy thing? And dont try telling me that thats not all they write about, because albeit their lyrics pertain to something else, their musical composition is always instilling rage. Those wild drumming without any apparent rhythm. those crazy 2 million notes within 1/100th of a second, those crazy vocals which remind T-Rex has come back to life! What now, thats SOOTHING? I mean seriously, if that is soothing why aren't psychiatrists playing that music to their angry and revengeful patients? Why isnt that music played in Anger Management class? Statistics stand by me. Almost all prisoners are into heavy metal bands, not to forget the psychopaths and murders who have a taste for it. There must be something wrong here! How many times the newspaper carries reports that this certain kid killed many other or himself or both by being influenced by a song which apparently is by a Metal band. Read Iron Maiden, Judas Priests, etc.

Well for all you people who want to argue and say that it METAL helps them in their life. Think Again. Eat you alive? St. Anger? Children of Bodom? Punch me I bleed? And all those dystopian themes have a positive impact on your life? They dont. Do some introspection.

Man does what he likes as long as its justifyied in his/her subconscious. The justification under which people listen to metal varies from pleasure to stress reliever. Its like saying I get pleasure/relieved from stress by watching violence! If you cant get pleasure or relieved from stress from watching murder how can you get anything positive from hearing about it? People use metal as a crutch. They're handicapped. They need Metal to be sane in their life. but with that kind of suggestive music you're caught in a vicious cycle. Its EXACTLY like drugs.
You take it to help you from Stress or get pleasure and then you're hooked on and damaging yourself.

Think about it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wonders of the webcam!!!

I just dont have words this time.

Monday, October 16, 2006

War of the Gods!

Well yesterday, on the news channel I happen to read something in one of their permanent features: "Breaking News", that Sai Baba is incidently multiplying rotis(Indian Bread). As in you put one under the statue, and you get two in return!
Buy one and get one free for a limited perios only!! Hurry offer valid till stock lasts!! LOL

Well, well, well. I sure some people must have tried it at their places as well. Amidst all these miracles I have noticed that the GODS are at war!! Yes. I will chronicle these events to jog your memory.

Well it began with Lord Ganesh drinking milk to which thousands and thousands of people piled up to the their local Lord Ganesh temples to feed Lord Ganesh milk! Yes, it was amusing. Its events like these through which all of a sudden every kid knows where the closest Lord Ganesh is located which prior to these "miracles" had no idea of. Now who says temples and religious organisations DONT use marketing strategies eh? During all of this you just can't forget the tales people tell you how their plaster statues drank milk out of a bowl without making any apparent contact with it! Whow!

Move over David Blaine!

Now how can another GOD be left behind in this FAITH RACE! Therefore there was the "miracle" of Mahim Durgah, Mumbai, where the sea water(which incidentally is mixed with "sewage" water) began tasting sweet according to some highly intelligent beings. Again, Indians come flocking to this place believing their sins will be forgiven, their ailments shall be cured *yawn* blah blah blah. There was this one specimen, who was a very overwhelmed by this. And created laughter for me for about a week.

TV News Reporter : "Aap ne paani piya?"(Did u drink the water?)
Sea-Sewage Coctail drinker : "Haan maine piya, woh meetha paani hai!"(Yes I drank it, its sweet tasting) *Seems under the influence of LSD as smiles in a strange manner*

TV News Reporter : "Aap ko kaisa lag raha hai?"(How are you feeling?)
Sea-Sewage Coctail Hero : "Bahoot acha lag raha hai, pehle mera haath oothta nahi tha, abh dekhno nah kaisa hil raa hai!"(Very good, prior to this I cud'nt lift my hand, now look hw it moves!" *Flaps right arm manically in a fit*

This incident regards another faith in regards to the former, what about the GODS of same faiths but different castes who have been affected?? Well, they can't let their devotees down in the faith race can they?

Well thats when Sai Baba strikes! And well, starts doubling rotis......*sigh*. Well again people flock temples, speak to News channels, etc etc. Not to forget the many scholars they're able to successfully locate, gather and bring to their newsrooms(irrespective of their location) on such a short notice! I think thats the BIGGEST miracle of all the miracles this!

People are so hungry for miracles they will create them. They so badly want that ticket to heaven they'll do anything to get it. And yes, they will drink Sea-Sewage water coctail for that. Every person waiting in line wanting to be a part of these miracles has a list of wishes he/she wants fulfilled.

Temples, Churches, etc are no more places of GOD, they're a places where people place orders for all those things they can afford, achieve, overcome. And GOD is the entity which is ONLY associated with the emotion, FEAR. Unless fear isnt evoked in a person, he/she doesn't really recall GOD.

Well, one thing is certain in all this, You just cant fall short of entertainment in this country! All you gotta do is read the content of one of the permanent features in news channels: The Breaking News!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

American Idiot

No, I still have'nt gotten over the album.

It still manages to entertain me. Its still got the vibe. Although I like girls a lot more, they lack the quality to amuse me as long as this does. This album just does what other keep trying to do. My personal assumption is probably the other punk bands do try stuff like Green Day but the Record company messes up. And lets not get in to that discussion *rolls eyes*. This shows how much effort it took these guys to do an album completely self-controlled. Kudos to them, they deserve a standing ovation for this.

The primary reason I like this album is because it has so much of energy. It just peps up and just puts you there every single time. It makes you feel the same way everytime, but never bores you. Thats what music is about. Its about making you feel something which the artist intends. Thats exactly what American Idiot does. They're true dedicate artists. I have a lot of respect for people like this. Its not k\just ANY concept album. It adresses issues in the most perfect ways. They talk about the stupid media, american wars, Tales from a another broken home, politicians.

"I beg to dream and differ from your hollow lies" Subtle and literal at the same time.

The album is so bloody crazy with so much of innovation. Especially Tre Cool, he is the Modern day Keith Moon, man he just goes wild. I mean W-I-L-D. If you've heard their album n freaked out, then you just gotta watch Bullet in the bible in the Bible on a widescreen 5. surround. If that does hit you, I donno what will. not to forget Billy Joe Armstrong, who can forget the Live8 in Hyde park, London, where he yells out "This goes out to the f*****n politicians for creating unjustice in the world!!" before performing Holiday! Whoof! It just makes you wanna jump up with ur fist \m/

Its also worthy a mention how they've won the many many awards in this Hip-hop dominated world. Its surprising cause none of the rock guys even appear on camera during these awards in the guests. I dont see Steven Tyler there, I dont see SLASH there, I dont see any rocker. But I do get to see Billy Joe Armstrong with his Eye-liner! Thast worthy of a mention. And the awards clearly seem like Hip-Hop awards rather than any genral award. I mean THANK GOD for Grammy's having separate categories for Rock or else I guess Rock would be D-E-A-D!!!

Its sad to see rockers recieving a award, and rather than thanking people, they request MTV to play ROCK! Its good that Kurt did'nt live to see this day.

70's are identified with Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, our generation will be known by Green Day - American Idiot.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Axl strikes back!!

I've been meaning to comment on Axl for a while now. He never fails to amaze. There is always much to learn from him & his failure. He shows how a legend of his calibre can fall sooo low!! From making up stories about SLASH to getting bashed up by pansy designer Tommy Hilfiger to BITING a guard in the leg!! Thats right Ladies & Gentlemen he BIT a guard. How much of a fool can he make of himself?

And the latest being where he, as usual, gets rid of a fan from his show, who he finds disturbing. This isnt the first time hes doing something like this. He has done this several times in the past. Axl is just tryin to throw his weight around to give him a sense of power. He is a classic example of how a Super-Living-Legend can beome a complete mockery, and all because of himself. G'N'R is one of the greatest Rock n Roll bands out there. Their songs always figure out in the top 100 lists, always! And Axl will always figure out in 100 Stupid Rockstars. G'n'R's old popularity is probably because people are still interested in the "NEW" G'N'R. Thats why he is able to have a show. He himself barely hasnt done much in the 10 years except for delaying album dates. How long can a person take to make a single album? Frankly, G'N'R was never the same the day Duff(Bassist) and SLASH(Lead Guitarist), Izzy Stradlin(Rhythm Guitarist) left. I did'nt even accept Matt Sorum, but thats just a personal thing.

But thats not all, he has remained in the news for a lot more reasons. Some months back his lawyer released a statement that SLASH visited Axl's house, not seeming under any influence of alcohol, said that in their lawsuit(for G'n'R royalties) Axl has turned out to be the stronger one and whole lotta blah blah. Axl just sucks for making up and saying crap like this. How immature can he get? I mean kids do things like this to make another kid look bad. His lawyer also said that SLASH abused Velvet Revolver members(Ex-G'N'R members) like Duff, refering to him as spineless!! What a bunch of crap! What does he think, we are fools??? No seriously? What !!!

Then the classic-evergreen tale that never fails to make me LMAO, of Axl getting bashed up by Tommy Hilfiger!!! L-M-A-O !!! This is so funny, its funny as hell!! Who gets bashed up by designers??? They're so gay and pansy!! And in his defence he says he chose not to fight. And got the bar owners to say that he acted as a "gentleman". Yea gentle for sure! And just when u cant get enough of laughing on that you get to hear he BIT a guard in the leg in Norway. I repeat, he BIT a guard!! Once again, he BIT a guard on the leg!!! For heaven sake is that the best you can do to defend yourself?? BITE!?!?

Axl the gentle rose.........

Now about the latest controversy, where our Superhero Axl rose gets rid of a fan because he finds him disturbing. Hmmm I wonder whose disturbed here? Any guesses?? Well no points for guessing. Axl's just insecure, with all those controversies and is trying to feel powerful by doing cheap tricks like these and saying things like "You think you're bigger than me?.......well then you gotta learn something". His stardom seems to be fading away. Its still strong, but it used to be stronger. A guitar legend has left him(SLASH). The great band he used to be in is no more, although he persists by buying the Band title and employing freak musicians like Bucket head and Bumblefoot?? :S And insists on calling them G'n'R. G'n'R died the day Duff, SLASH, and Izzy left. If there is anyone who deserves the title of "G'N'R" more it is Velvet Revolver, because there are more G'N'R members there, than in Axl's circus troop. Axl's band should be called Axl and his roses.

He needs a psychiatrist. I guess anybody would after such a fall of events. He has even screwed up on video awards which gets telecast worldwide! How would you feel if you were insulted that way?

Its Really sad to see a legend like him fall so bad. I really liked him. I feel sorry for him. May he be blessed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nostalgic Halucination

tThis is an audio clip I made while ago. Its a very dreamy track. I had a lot of nostalgia in mind while playing it. Its probably something you could halucinate on when your really high, or it will probably strike an old memory and make you cry. To me its sounds like you're floating through your life's timeline. Omnipresently viewing the good times. Sort of life when you're dead and remembering the good old days!

Its a very small file, so loop it and hear it for a while.........

Interpret the way you like, but please leave your comments.

Its a very small file, so loop it and hear it for a while.........

Here's the file ->

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Enigma - A Posteriori

Finally I get to get my hands on a new Enigma album! Its been really long.

A Posteriori - "Knowledge got from experience"
Micheal Cretu never fails to touch my soul. There is always this insatiable hunger to hear more.

His current album focuses on Alchemists. Very space like sounds, just like his house! The album opens with Ep Pur Si Mouve which translates to "And still it moves". The song is refering to Galileo Galilei who was being executed for his theory of Heliocentrism. It refers to the fact that the knowledges still moves on inspite of his death. He hints to say that knowledge cannot be destroyed by Death. Its immortal. The song opens with the trade mark Enigma horn, and chorus chants, but, but not samples! Neither humans. They're distorted electronic sounds made to sound like voices! How beautiful! I guess after the past lawsuits Micheal or probably Virgin prefers to stay out of trouble. Or probably Michael did not have the creative inclination to use it any way. Michael Cretu is probably the only human to make electronic music sound like nature. He is probably more in touch with Mother nature than you, me, or any of those bouncing Red Indians.

I always get the feeling that he is part of some secret brotherhood like the Illuminati etc. through his music and artworks. There is always a mystery as to what he is trying to convey to his audience. No wonder the project is called ENIGMA. The strange symbols, the voices, the lyrical content, they always seem to convey something unclear.

Anways as the album progresses there is more of electronic beats but again presented in very ethnic styles. They arn't modified to sound ethnic but the rhythms are ethnic. And what is a Enigma album without Louisa Stanley!! The Voice of Enigma. Pun Intended. There is not much vocals in this album neither a lot of lyrical content, its just painting a picture of space.

The album ends with Goodbye Milky Way, which is probably a Virgin enforced song, meant to be a single. Overall its a magnificent album which will probably take months before you can realy get saturated.........

Rockstar Supernova

The Season has finally ended.

Ended in dissapointment, but not without hope!

Supernova will regret this decision, badly. Lukas Rossi, who is clearly pretentious and fickle will challenge their patience at every oppurtunity given. According to Tommy, who at the end of the show said they listened to their fans and selected him They selected him on the basis of VOTES!!!Clearly they've only selected him on the basis of votes of the previous episode. How can they make such a decision! They've been in the industry longer to judge who is the better among the two. Even if they do want to pick the winner on the basis of votes, clearly dilana has an unbeatable average! Dilana who has been killer from episode one with performances like Lithium, Zombie, Time after time, Wont get fool again(to which Gilby said that they no longer doubt a woman could front theor band).

Supernova is probably not man enough to let a woman front their band. Its not about insecurity about a woman on stage, its probably that they think that it probably wont workout, may be the fans wont be up for it. They dont have the guts to carry it forward. Hey but this isnt the firs mistake Supernova has commited. Who can forget Ryan Star!!! They should have let him be atleast till the songwriting episode to actually see if he was good enough top write songs. Because all the favourites came crashing down in that episodes including Dilana!. But they let storm Large stay, who should'e gone long ago, but hey if Zayra could never sing and stay so long, why not her!! Ryan was the actual songwriter amongst all of them and has proved in his single. His single has been the most downloaded song on beating Supernova's track as well! How about that? And Lukas, this ego-centric charecter did'nt even bother to write the complete song, he just walked in with complete attitude with a Verse and Chorus! And they selected him! Imagine him in the studio & throwing tantrums to Tommy Lee! Man I can see Tommy Lee crying in sheer frustation and helplessness! Just one nights voting doesnt determine the best singer. If people had enough brains would'nt HIP-HOP not be popular in the first place! They've been in the music business longer and should judge for them selves.

Dilana is the ultimate rock chick who could have revolutionized rock music by making girls an essential part of it. She would have given rise to a new race of girls like her who would've become synonymous with rock music.

Nevertheless, I look forward to Dilana's single album rather than Supernova's. Thank god I did not pre-book that album. I'll just download it off the internet.

Rock on Dilana \,,/

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another verse in the wall.......

These are lyrics I once wrote and intended on performing onstage like a protest on our annual day cause my college sucks, it was supposed to be unknowingly performed on stage. Unknown to management and whomsoever incharge. Just start playing on stage inbetween my performance. But sadly I got tied up with some stuff and couldnt participate.

These is a addidional verses in between the song.

I dont need your eyes to watch me
I dont need your fools to guide me
I dont need these books to bind me
I dont want your laws to tie me
I dont want your walls to trap meee
All in all its just another brick in the wall.......

Friday, May 05, 2006


I want to break free. A beautiful song by Queen. Has anyone read between the lines. The song has some some very strange coincedences. The lyrics come very close to Freddie Mercury's life. I had assumed he wrote the song himself and he is talking about his self realization about his sexuality.

Read on for fascination:

"I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
Your so......self satifyied I dont need you.......
I want to break free

God knows.....
God knows I want to break free....."

(Probably he is refering to mary austen, his lover)

"I've fallen in love
I've fall in love for the first time and this time I know its for real
And this time I know its for real"

(Probably refering to the awakening of his true sexuality)

(After that verse comes)

"Its strange but its true
I cant over the way you love me like you do"

(Probably refering to Mary Austen who was his LAST GIRLFRIEND & also dear friend to him till death)

"But I have to be sure
When I walk out that door
Oh how I want to be free baby
Oh how I want to be free
Oh how I want to break free"

(Probably he cant make up his mind on his sexuality and love)

"But life still goes on
I can't get used to living without living without
Living without you by my side"

(I think he is refering to Mary Austen again here )

"I don't want to live alone hey
God knows got to make it on my own
So baby can't you see
I've got to break free
I've got to break free
I want to break free yeah
I want I want I want I want to break free.."

Mary austen has been a gr8 companion to him and he is probably finding it difficult to let go of her. He has always felt very guilty for leaving her because he realized hes Gay and was always a very good friend to her till. He gifted her his multimillion pound mansion on his death.

In the video of this song Freddie is dressed in drags.

On some reasearch I found out that the song was actually written by John Deacon, the bassist of Queen. And it was probably based on his own life and nothing to do with freddie.

Pretty strange when it bears so much resemblance with freddie's life!!!!!