Monday, February 19, 2007



I was at the venue planning to enjoy the music from the outside since I din have enough cash to enter. But were still on the lookout for bootleggers who would be giving for a cheaper prize just when out of nowhere a random dude hurriedly gave my friend Rs.3000 pass, flashed a thumbs-up n entered!!
Ok so what better than getting one free pass................. Yea thats right, getting TWO free passes. And that what happend. After 45 mins. opf the conceert are over we're were still looking to exchange or cash the passes. Thats when this angelic uncle from the organizers appeared from nowhere sitting on a short wall smoking away to glory. We asked if he could buy our pass, he asked us why we were selling them, we replied that only either of us could go so we were planning on selling them. Thats when I asked the uncle if he could take our Rs. 3000 pass and give us two Rs. 2000 passes. He asked us to hang on, n a few mins. later he recieved some passes n he did the exchange. He ran like the wind cutting through people and entered the concert.
The concert was fabulous with whole flying pig n the screen imagery n george bush bashing. after the concert we managed to get free roger water posters n decided to head towards Taj Lands End, the residence of Roger Waters in Mumbai.

After an hour n a half of battling, hiding with the staff n security we managed to get the entire bands signature inlcude HIS HIGHNESS ROGER WATERS!!! IN PERSON!! Ok at this point I would like to announce that since his signed the poster he HAS touched it! Yes people DIE OUT OF JEALOUSY!!! N Im the very few in Mumbai who got his signature because rest of the guys were from Delhi.

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I MET ROGER WATERS!!! Hotel Adventure

Now the fun begins...........

Other than us there was another group in the hotel waiting to meet Roger, they were kids from Delhi all wearing the Roger Waters concert t-shirts. There was a wall outside Vista where I wrote "In the memory of Roger Keith Syd Barret - neo (my cell number)" Well I though Roger would read it and get touched and call me! Yea wateva....

At the hotel we hit this restaurant Vista. Sangita then found out that Rogers in Suite 2021 on Floor 21. Pratik and Smta head to his room while we're waiting in Vista. No luck as theres no answer to the repeated door bells. Then we get a news input of Roger being in Masala Bay. We abandoned Vista headed one floor below to the first floor to masala bay. At the lift we came acroos Arjun Rampal once, more and just before the doors shut Sahej yelled "I C U SUX!!".

At Masala bay we were refused a table and even refused to enter and meet Roger. Basically the staff was politely asking us to Fuck off!! Later security asked us to clear the floor. We managed to get Mr. Snows autograph while leaving the floor. We then accumulated on the stairs near the lift lobby on 1st floor. We were even shooed away from the stairs "Gheun tak!". Wateva...

Sahej, me and Pratik are now camping on secong floor stairs. From the mirror we can see the first floor lift lobby. Sangita, Smita are stationed outside Roger Waters suite. The delhi boys are garrisoned on the other side of 1st floor waiting for Roger to exit. through these postions we waited and accumalted the entire bands signature, include Roger Waters's son, Harry Waters.

Just when we were getting this one guitarists signature we heard some noise. We all looked towards Masala Bay and saw his HIGHNESS Roger Waters. He wa walking towards the lift lobby. He flanked by two uber-super-sexy-hot chicks with two rows of security guards holging hands and walking ahead of him. But Roger said in his British accent "A'll sign aa few o thaissee". Everyone was crowding him lke crazy and he stricly asked everyone to queue. Delhi Boys, Pratik, Sahej, all got signatures including some druggies who appeared at the last moment from nowhere.

So then we click a picture at our watch tower.

Oh it feels so great to meet the greatest and the most artistic Rockstar EVER!!!

Sangita, Smita didn't get his autograph as they were waiting outside his room. They could
nt get through the security and didn't get anything. We later met this Bangladeshi group9which really had this hot chick) who were dining at Vista. They came up to us and asked if we were waiting for Roger, and we just flashed our posters. Poor guys.......Roger even spoke about them on stage saying fans have come from so far away.

Now I was parading the poster at 2 am around the entire hotel. I was holding the poster like I am holding in the picture added with a impish gleaming smile. I flash the posters in the face of the stringent staff that didn't let us through. I was coming in the way of random foriergners from Rogers crew and flashing the poster. I was irritating the hell out of everyone. Then we were dancing at the drive-in security cam. Showing them the finger and freaking out like mad.

We also met Iranian Oil Minister son, Hirad. He attended the concert an was jealous of my poster.

BTW I have the best signed poster. IN SEXY SILVER MARKER!!!

Where theres a will theres a way!

I MET ROGER WATERS!!! Concert adventure

Ok when I was walking towards the station I was all prepared to enjoy the concert from the OUTSIDE!! I had no idea I would get 1 free pass, then exchange that for 2, then get a free poster, then get the whole band to sign it including ROGER WATERS!! IN PERSON!!

Where there is a will there is a way.

When I reached the venue with my friend, Sahej, I was prepared to stand out and enjoy the music. But Sahej was rather keen on entering. So we were hanging around the bootleggers who were offering Rs. 1500 for a Rs. 2000 pass, but I we were still out of cash. I was tryin to contact my dad who is out of station if he could transfer cash on my card so I could buy the passes. But no luck. We continued loiterring around as the concert began.

The first song was over, and 'Mother', one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs had begun as well. I was going to cry! Well then Sahej bumped into a friend of his who was going to enter. Just then out of nowhere this guy hurriedly passed Sahej handing him a Rs. 3000 passing. Flashed a thumbs-up. And entered the concert. I could'nt believe it, and no one could. Alrite even though we got hold of that pass it was still one, and two of us. I told him to enter but we wer still on the lookout for some guy to exchange these passes for two Rs. 2000 passes. We hunted high and low. Saw Jackie Shroff, Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny, et al. We also came acroos this guy who was selling Complimentary passes of Rs. 1000. One guy offered him Rs. 300 and hes like *in very Orkut fraindship* "Yea man c'mon, fast, oh man Comfortably Numb oh shait". Wateva...

Its 8 'o clock, 45 mins of the concert is through and we're still confused between selling the pass or let Sahej enter. Thats when Sahej noticed this Uncle sitting there from the organizers. Sahej asked him if he could buy our pass. He asked us why were we selling it, we explained that one one of could enter so we rather sell it. I at that moment asked him if he could take this Rs. 3000 pass and give us two Rs. 2000 passes. He politely asked us to hang on. After a few minutes he recieved some passes. He took our passes and gave us two Rs 2000 passes!!!!!! I was leaving but turned around to shake hands with him warmly.

Then I turned around and began 'Le parqour'. I ran like the wind cutting through the crowd, zig-zaggin through people and stopping outside the entry gates causing the dust to rise in a cloud. When I entered a song from Final Cut was on. We just couldn't believe it. I realy could digest the fact Im in. And then Roger annouced that hes going to play a new song about a family in Beirut, Lebanon who took him in their house when his car broke down during a road trip. The song was beautiful. The on screen imagery include a comic strip about the entire incident showing how poor the family was and how they offered him their entire food. The song was basically about that do these kind people really mean us harm? And about how war kills the innocent and the good. There were pictures of Bush, Saddam et al to which the crowd was cheering like MMMAAADD!!!!!! And justy then an inflatable pig appeared from the right side of the stage with messages spray painted on him: "SARV JAATI EK HAI", "HABEUS CORPUS", "KAFKA RULES OK!" n on his ass "IMPEACH BUS NOW!" The pig was paraded above the crowd while the band played on n then left free to the sky. Heavenly.

Dark Side of the moon began with a short break, during which we were making unsuccessful plans to jump into the higher section. Amazing played, but the Black female just messed up the Great Gig in the Sky vocal solo which sounds so much better on my CD! But later in the song her voice turned very silky cum velvety, nice but not the best.

Concerts over, Sahej and me walk around like ZAPPED zombies around the venue. We spot some guys wearing Pink Floyd t-shirts. We run to buy them, but get free posters instead. We re-grouped with Sahej's friend, Pratik, his cousins Sangita and Smita. They asked me if I knew where Roger is staying, and Im like "Taj Lands End" because I remember reading that in the papers as associate sponsers. We're now headed towards Lands End to meet mister Roger Waters.

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