Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rock isnt METAL.

Well I keep reading in the Indian youth magazines "Rock" section which has anything but rock. Its just full of metal! I mean like seriously, GET YOUR GENRES RIGHT! Although Rock and Metal go hand in hand, but there is a very fine line dividing the two. I mean yea Iron Maiden and Pink FLoyd play the same guitar models but they dont really make similar music!

For one Rock is more popular universally and rock songs are written about anything from partying to sex to drugs to even treating your friends to drink! *Have a drink on me* LOL :p Whereas metal only capitalizes on the emotions of anger, revenge, depression, loneliness, rage, death. Even if their lyrics dont mention any of this, their music does. Metal is a lot about playing notes really fast without any apparent melody to induce high level of energy (Think St. Anger). Rock does have melody in their solos (Think Sweet Child o Mine).

There is a difference between Bhayanak Maut and Indian Ocean. They cant be so loosely put under the same genre. I mean would you like it if the Best Rock Act in the Grammy's is won by Kelly Clarkson for "Since you've been gone" or Best Metal Act to go to Backstreet Boys for "I just want you to know" !!!!!!! That'd be the end of the world wud'nt it? LOL (I can soo imagine Slipknot and Korn fans demolishiong anything that begins with the letter "B" if anything like that happens hehehe).

Well people say Good and Bad is relative. You can never really say this or that is Bad music because One mans food is another man poison, Get what Im sayin? I beg to differ. There is this "BAD" music in reality. Bad music is the music which can harm you just like there is bad food. Anykind of music you listens to makes you feel in a certain way, and Bad music makes you feel bad things. Things which are unhealthy. Metal does exactly that. You cant possibly argue and say that feeling Anger, Revengeful or Breaking things is a healthy thing? And dont try telling me that thats not all they write about, because albeit their lyrics pertain to something else, their musical composition is always instilling rage. Those wild drumming without any apparent rhythm. those crazy 2 million notes within 1/100th of a second, those crazy vocals which remind T-Rex has come back to life! What now, thats SOOTHING? I mean seriously, if that is soothing why aren't psychiatrists playing that music to their angry and revengeful patients? Why isnt that music played in Anger Management class? Statistics stand by me. Almost all prisoners are into heavy metal bands, not to forget the psychopaths and murders who have a taste for it. There must be something wrong here! How many times the newspaper carries reports that this certain kid killed many other or himself or both by being influenced by a song which apparently is by a Metal band. Read Iron Maiden, Judas Priests, etc.

Well for all you people who want to argue and say that it METAL helps them in their life. Think Again. Eat you alive? St. Anger? Children of Bodom? Punch me I bleed? And all those dystopian themes have a positive impact on your life? They dont. Do some introspection.

Man does what he likes as long as its justifyied in his/her subconscious. The justification under which people listen to metal varies from pleasure to stress reliever. Its like saying I get pleasure/relieved from stress by watching violence! If you cant get pleasure or relieved from stress from watching murder how can you get anything positive from hearing about it? People use metal as a crutch. They're handicapped. They need Metal to be sane in their life. but with that kind of suggestive music you're caught in a vicious cycle. Its EXACTLY like drugs.
You take it to help you from Stress or get pleasure and then you're hooked on and damaging yourself.

Think about it.