Friday, June 29, 2007

Velvet Revolver: Libertad Review

Oh so it finally out!

Not officially but whatever.......

My anxious wait comes to an end and before the actual release date of July 3rd.

Libertad is the much awaited sophomore album since their debut No.1 album 'Contraband'. On Libertad Velvet Revolver has taken a more mainstream approach to their sound of which I'm loving every bit. This time the producer on board is Brendan O'Brian whose produced many hit albums for many legendary artists, including Core - Stone Temple Pilots. I love the fact they have dropped their metal-esque sound from Contraband. Libertad has its own unique hard rock sound and anyone hoping for Gun N Roses-esque record will be slightly dissapointed. Velvet Revolver has developed their own unique sound since Guns N' Roses to which Scott Weiland has a huge role to play. However Axl was just an awesome singer, but Weiland is still good in his unique wayand one will grow to love him.

Scott Weiland (Ex-Stone Temple Pilot) has mentioned in various interviews about everyone in the band raising the bar on this album. Well, to be honest no one has grown in the band, Velvet Revolver has improved as a complete band. Their songs are much tighter, better and more rock n' roll. The first single of the album is 'She build quick machines' which entered the Billboard Mainstream Rock Track charts at No.6 and has stayed there since the past six weeks. This single has been selected according to 'suit' research and statistics and forced onto Velvet Revolver, which Duff McKagan expressed to Billboard stating that they had other singles in mind but eventually settled for this after a while. In my opinion 'Mary Mary' was the way to go with the first single cause of its mainstream commercial appeal, rock n roll sound and also cause I can't get it outta my head. It could have hit number one and taken over the crappy emo Linkin Park track. On 'Mary Mary' Weiland proves his vocal talent and creativity when hits a few amazing low notes which marks the high points of the song. The next single in line is 'The Last Fight' which is a mid-tempo easy listening track. This is a standard music company 'suit' trick in which they first release a fast track then a slow one. There is a hidden track titled 'Don’t drop that dime', which plays after a gap on the last track 'gravedancer'. Apart from their first single 'She builds quick machines' and 'The Last Fight'. They've Electric Light Orchestra's 'Can’t get you out of my head' which has a great SLASH solo, the only lengthy solo in the album. With Entertainment Weekly putting 'Just Sixteen' on their website, I can't think of any other studio album which has had so many tracks in the news. All of this will push the sales of the album rather than any single track from itunes. I'm expecting good CD sales for this one. I'm definately buying this one.

Every album needs 2-3 GREAT songs, and a couple of mediocre ones to make it a huge hit. Libertad certainly packs more than that. I predict this one going multi-platinum in multiple countries. Songs like 'Mary Mary' prove that Velvet revolver has arrived and will grow to be a legend. Consequently it also proves that GNR reunion is that much more difficult. A reunion would have been inevitable if both 'Chinese Democracy' and 'Libertad' would fail. 'Chinese Democracy' will lose money and fail, but not Libertad.

Things are going well for Velvet Revolver and I couldn't get happier. Atleast they dont take 10 years to make albums. Being a SLASH fan I'm totally excited about the band.

In other news Axl Rose recently was welcomed on stage by being hurled by a can in the middle of 'Welcome to the jungle' by a fan who was upset about the show beginning late. Why am I not surprised....Axl oh Axl.....*tsk tsk

Watch the video for 'She builds quick machines' here.
Watch the live video of 'Just Sixteen' here.