Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Axl strikes back!!

I've been meaning to comment on Axl for a while now. He never fails to amaze. There is always much to learn from him & his failure. He shows how a legend of his calibre can fall sooo low!! From making up stories about SLASH to getting bashed up by pansy designer Tommy Hilfiger to BITING a guard in the leg!! Thats right Ladies & Gentlemen he BIT a guard. How much of a fool can he make of himself?

And the latest being where he, as usual, gets rid of a fan from his show, who he finds disturbing. This isnt the first time hes doing something like this. He has done this several times in the past. Axl is just tryin to throw his weight around to give him a sense of power. He is a classic example of how a Super-Living-Legend can beome a complete mockery, and all because of himself. G'N'R is one of the greatest Rock n Roll bands out there. Their songs always figure out in the top 100 lists, always! And Axl will always figure out in 100 Stupid Rockstars. G'n'R's old popularity is probably because people are still interested in the "NEW" G'N'R. Thats why he is able to have a show. He himself barely hasnt done much in the 10 years except for delaying album dates. How long can a person take to make a single album? Frankly, G'N'R was never the same the day Duff(Bassist) and SLASH(Lead Guitarist), Izzy Stradlin(Rhythm Guitarist) left. I did'nt even accept Matt Sorum, but thats just a personal thing.

But thats not all, he has remained in the news for a lot more reasons. Some months back his lawyer released a statement that SLASH visited Axl's house, not seeming under any influence of alcohol, said that in their lawsuit(for G'n'R royalties) Axl has turned out to be the stronger one and whole lotta blah blah. Axl just sucks for making up and saying crap like this. How immature can he get? I mean kids do things like this to make another kid look bad. His lawyer also said that SLASH abused Velvet Revolver members(Ex-G'N'R members) like Duff, refering to him as spineless!! What a bunch of crap! What does he think, we are fools??? No seriously? What !!!

Then the classic-evergreen tale that never fails to make me LMAO, of Axl getting bashed up by Tommy Hilfiger!!! L-M-A-O !!! This is so funny, its funny as hell!! Who gets bashed up by designers??? They're so gay and pansy!! And in his defence he says he chose not to fight. And got the bar owners to say that he acted as a "gentleman". Yea gentle for sure! And just when u cant get enough of laughing on that you get to hear he BIT a guard in the leg in Norway. I repeat, he BIT a guard!! Once again, he BIT a guard on the leg!!! For heaven sake is that the best you can do to defend yourself?? BITE!?!?

Axl the gentle rose.........

Now about the latest controversy, where our Superhero Axl rose gets rid of a fan because he finds him disturbing. Hmmm I wonder whose disturbed here? Any guesses?? Well no points for guessing. Axl's just insecure, with all those controversies and is trying to feel powerful by doing cheap tricks like these and saying things like "You think you're bigger than me?.......well then you gotta learn something". His stardom seems to be fading away. Its still strong, but it used to be stronger. A guitar legend has left him(SLASH). The great band he used to be in is no more, although he persists by buying the Band title and employing freak musicians like Bucket head and Bumblefoot?? :S And insists on calling them G'n'R. G'n'R died the day Duff, SLASH, and Izzy left. If there is anyone who deserves the title of "G'N'R" more it is Velvet Revolver, because there are more G'N'R members there, than in Axl's circus troop. Axl's band should be called Axl and his roses.

He needs a psychiatrist. I guess anybody would after such a fall of events. He has even screwed up on video awards which gets telecast worldwide! How would you feel if you were insulted that way?

Its Really sad to see a legend like him fall so bad. I really liked him. I feel sorry for him. May he be blessed.

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