Wednesday, October 03, 2007

B.E.P., Beyonce & Akon for October!

Its the secnond bloody time I'm gonna miss a major star and its NOT EVEN BLUDY FUNIE! BEP are on their way to India but headed towards Bangalore. Last time the political nonsense cost me Steven Tyler, and this time 'round its the Dutchess Fergie! I can't believe it, if Mumbai is the Entertainment capital why doesn't it behave like one? If we are the so called entertainment capital shouldn't we have lower tax rates? They're just making sure Mumbai shall not be called the entertainment capital in the future as the entertainment is outside of Mumbai.

Atleast Beyonce is headed for the city. Scheduled for 27th October as of now, the ticket prices in her case is not declared as yet. BEP tickets are for Rs.1,650 and 1,000. I'm not big on Bootylicious so I don't really care for Beyonce....but I'm sure theres a huge herd for this....

Akon strangely is only doing a single Delhi concert priced at Rs.1800 and 900. Not only are the ticket pries strange but so is the single venue.....I mean what happened to Mumbai and Bangalore oh sorry Bengaluroo (is it just me or does that really sound Aborginal?)? Or atleast introduce the artist to newer venues..

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