Sunday, September 17, 2006

Enigma - A Posteriori

Finally I get to get my hands on a new Enigma album! Its been really long.

A Posteriori - "Knowledge got from experience"
Micheal Cretu never fails to touch my soul. There is always this insatiable hunger to hear more.

His current album focuses on Alchemists. Very space like sounds, just like his house! The album opens with Ep Pur Si Mouve which translates to "And still it moves". The song is refering to Galileo Galilei who was being executed for his theory of Heliocentrism. It refers to the fact that the knowledges still moves on inspite of his death. He hints to say that knowledge cannot be destroyed by Death. Its immortal. The song opens with the trade mark Enigma horn, and chorus chants, but, but not samples! Neither humans. They're distorted electronic sounds made to sound like voices! How beautiful! I guess after the past lawsuits Micheal or probably Virgin prefers to stay out of trouble. Or probably Michael did not have the creative inclination to use it any way. Michael Cretu is probably the only human to make electronic music sound like nature. He is probably more in touch with Mother nature than you, me, or any of those bouncing Red Indians.

I always get the feeling that he is part of some secret brotherhood like the Illuminati etc. through his music and artworks. There is always a mystery as to what he is trying to convey to his audience. No wonder the project is called ENIGMA. The strange symbols, the voices, the lyrical content, they always seem to convey something unclear.

Anways as the album progresses there is more of electronic beats but again presented in very ethnic styles. They arn't modified to sound ethnic but the rhythms are ethnic. And what is a Enigma album without Louisa Stanley!! The Voice of Enigma. Pun Intended. There is not much vocals in this album neither a lot of lyrical content, its just painting a picture of space.

The album ends with Goodbye Milky Way, which is probably a Virgin enforced song, meant to be a single. Overall its a magnificent album which will probably take months before you can realy get saturated.........

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Stacy said...

I can't say if Michael Cretu is part of the Illuminati. I should hope not. I've been listening since the very 1st album. He converted me to his kind of music and I can see how the music of today is pure drivel and crap to my ears. It's all meaningless to me now. I see and hear what the Illuminati produce and it's crap, generic, cookie cutter trash. Nothing about Cretu's music makes me want to punch someone in the throat or stab myself in the ears with a rusty nail. Enigma is soul soothing. I feel at peace with myself. Now, Illuminati puppets always throw up the 666 sign, triangles(pyramid) and the all seeing eye. Besides, the generic music like Miley Cyrus, Gaga, JayZ, Keisha and so on sing about either or all of these things: sexual promiscuity, drugs, nakedness, rebellion, perversion, immorality and so much more crap than I can't think of at this moment. The music might be catchy for a second but the lyrics are as shallow as the water in my teaspoon. Not once have I ever heard one of them talk of positive things. They don't use God in any reference except for blasphemy. I've heard lyrics by Cretu that sound very spiritual. "...for those that abuse His name will see no chance to escape on Judgement Day." The way I interpret that line: The 10 Commandments, '7 “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.' These lyrics are from Cretu's 2nd album: 'The Cross of Changes' The song is 'Silent Warrior'. Another instance is from his 1st album: 'MXMXC a.D.', 'The Voice and the Snake' talks about the seven bowls of the earth. It goes on to 'The Rivers of Belief', which is taken from the Book of Revelation. It's all there in the Bible. There are more instances but I'll stop for now. I doubt the Illuminati want uplifting music that talks about God in a good light. They're too busy brainwashing the new masses. I just don't want Cretu to ever sell out to what's on the radio now. I'll forever be a fan and look forward to more albums. :)