Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

The Season has finally ended.

Ended in dissapointment, but not without hope!

Supernova will regret this decision, badly. Lukas Rossi, who is clearly pretentious and fickle will challenge their patience at every oppurtunity given. According to Tommy, who at the end of the show said they listened to their fans and selected him They selected him on the basis of VOTES!!!Clearly they've only selected him on the basis of votes of the previous episode. How can they make such a decision! They've been in the industry longer to judge who is the better among the two. Even if they do want to pick the winner on the basis of votes, clearly dilana has an unbeatable average! Dilana who has been killer from episode one with performances like Lithium, Zombie, Time after time, Wont get fool again(to which Gilby said that they no longer doubt a woman could front theor band).

Supernova is probably not man enough to let a woman front their band. Its not about insecurity about a woman on stage, its probably that they think that it probably wont workout, may be the fans wont be up for it. They dont have the guts to carry it forward. Hey but this isnt the firs mistake Supernova has commited. Who can forget Ryan Star!!! They should have let him be atleast till the songwriting episode to actually see if he was good enough top write songs. Because all the favourites came crashing down in that episodes including Dilana!. But they let storm Large stay, who should'e gone long ago, but hey if Zayra could never sing and stay so long, why not her!! Ryan was the actual songwriter amongst all of them and has proved in his single. His single has been the most downloaded song on beating Supernova's track as well! How about that? And Lukas, this ego-centric charecter did'nt even bother to write the complete song, he just walked in with complete attitude with a Verse and Chorus! And they selected him! Imagine him in the studio & throwing tantrums to Tommy Lee! Man I can see Tommy Lee crying in sheer frustation and helplessness! Just one nights voting doesnt determine the best singer. If people had enough brains would'nt HIP-HOP not be popular in the first place! They've been in the music business longer and should judge for them selves.

Dilana is the ultimate rock chick who could have revolutionized rock music by making girls an essential part of it. She would have given rise to a new race of girls like her who would've become synonymous with rock music.

Nevertheless, I look forward to Dilana's single album rather than Supernova's. Thank god I did not pre-book that album. I'll just download it off the internet.

Rock on Dilana \,,/

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