Sunday, March 04, 2007

Awesome Indie Music

OK now lets get to business!

Like I said a few days ago I was going to feature unknown awesome Indie artists so here goes:


I dont know a hea o tail bout' this dame but she she simply awesome on the drums. The whole deal with her is that although she okays the tabla she can compose music as well, which many of her percussionist contemporaries can't. She makes MUSIC not some random dabbling on the tabla.

Simply Brilliant. Check out the Norah Jones track in particular.

Bright Eyes

I heard about them from my friend and found them pretty good you know. She linked me to this site which had lyrics to their song which was exactly like the song I wrote once I had a breakup. But nevertheless it was SOOOO GOODD!! I was low after readin that coz I felt ripped off....welll u know in a way. But thesde guys have great potential too!

BTW, the songs name is something like "Its, Cool we can be friends!" ITS VERY VERY GOOD, check it.

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